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lunes, 11 de junio de 2012

Continuum. What a shame and fear to OWS

Continuum (TV Series 2012) - IMDb:

Imagine a Sci fi TV serie that would begin in the future  with a Chinese communist dictatorship at USA because of a ballout of the USA gov.

A time travel to the present of pro democracy prisoners, with a pro communist police agent.

And the police is "the good guy"

Antiamerican. Isn't it.

Imagine the same with ol URSS communist party or nazi Germany, even worse don't you think.

But the dictatorship is, in this case, corporation dictatorship, and the police woman is "the good guy". Not even a moral conflict. The trick democrats where terrorists.

The USA independence was won by arms, and of course the revolutionary where terrorists for the british or at the USA civil war, the losers, where against the end of slavery as production method, and was by a war and some other actions after that afroamericans won their actual almost equal rights.

I am glad corporations are making publcity that actual corporations dictatorship is good, because we know it isn't, but if I where an US citizen I would be asking to close this Sci Fi series because anti american content.

Making publciity of any dictatorship and the lack of freedom as a good thing and making the democracy fighters  "the bad guys" and terrorists make it a shame.

It is like if at "V" aliens where "the good guys".

I only see one good thing here, FEAR to OWS from the corporations, and that is the only good thing I see, if other people, specially young ones read this serie as I do where the good guys are the freedom fighters, and the bad guys the police woman.

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